Sunday, February 10, 2019


After weeks of cold and snow and illness, I was thrilled to find a warm day to visit Avalon. To my delight, she was as cuddly as ever. I love this horse so much! She appears to be in good health - thinner than the last time I saw her, but not enough to cause me any worry. Fun fact about Ava: I don't take selfies because I like selfies. I try to take pictures of Avalon, and she follows me around too closely to get a good angle! While I was crouching in the snow taking pictures, I remembered a piece of advice that her old owner gave me the day I brought Ava home. She reminded me not to trust Avalon until I had gotten to know her. As my filly stood behind me and stretched her head out to sniff my phone, I thought to myself, "I'd say I trust her now." 

Of course, if the wind was blowing or we were in the arena, it would be a different story!

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