Saturday, June 22, 2019

Today We're English

Get yourself a horse that can do both (or one that can't do either but dresses the part).

I can't ride in this saddle at the moment, because one of the billets is broken, but it fits Ava well. I will fix it at some point, but for now it's a great desensitization saddle. 

Ava has gotten really good at grazing with a lead rope. When she steps on it she backs away from pressure. Apparently she doesn't mind ropes on her face either. 

Notice how relaxed she is in the arena!

Avalon has been much more relaxed in the arena. Partially because it is summer and she mellows out in the summer, but I think that taking time to slow down and connect helps as well. I set up a couple of ground poles to encourage her to lower her head and pick up her feet.

I love to see her trotting with a lowered, relaxed head.
Spicing up the circling game with barrels
Trot poles to build awareness and topline.
Avoiding the trot poles
An artsy phone taken by accident. It shows the complicated reality of lunging while taking photos.
Sweaty girl
Mostly even sweat marks.
A weird sweatless spot in between the saddle and the girth.

I'm hoping to get some ground driving in soon with the long lines and western saddle.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Playing Dress Up

Who is this gorgeous, tacked up horse? 

I've been saddling Avalon regularly again. She accepted the saddle when I bought her and nothing has changed. She walks, trots, and jumps without a buck, but throws a mini tantrum every once in a while at the lope. I have a suspicion that it has nothing to do with the saddle and everything to do with having to lope. 

She even put up with my fiddling as I desperately attempted to get the cinch to fit right. I had to take the latigo home afterward and punch a hole in it. Now I think the fit is perfect.

We spent a lot of time just chilling with the saddle and hackamore on. Relaxation is key and tack doesn't always mean work.

I love her expression here.
Relaxed girl

Ft. the extra-friendly chickens