Monday, January 7, 2019

Another Day of Saddles


Let me tell you about this filly of mine. She is dirty. So dirty. Caked in mud and hay and manure, full of dander - she is so dirty you can barely see the white markings on her leg. And she stinks! I can not wait for spring weather to hit 70 degrees so I can wash this dirty, dirty horse.

She even snarled her mane.
However, despite her appearance, Ava is healthy and happy (the rain rot has cleared and new hair is growing back). The stink and dirt are just a minor inconvenience. She is enjoying being a horse and I am too thankful to have a horse at all to mind her scrappy state.

The 40 degree thaw arrived right on time to try (and retry) saddle fit. 

She wasn't sure what to think of the CSI pad. I bought it for my mom as a gift, but I had to try it on the pretty filly. It's too long, and as you'll soon see, the western and aussie saddles don't fit. Doesn't it look delightful on her though?

What this?

Next I tried the Aussie, which is a beautiful saddle, but definitely too wide for Avalon.

The western saddle wasn't too narrow or too wide, but the angle seems to pinch her shoulders.

I took a closer look at the wintec that I've ridden her in once or twice. It didn't fit her as well as I thought before. Like the western saddle, it seems to pinch her shoulder blades. 

The saddle that continues to offer the best fit so far is the wintec lite dressage saddle. At least I think that's what it is . . . it's a dressage wintec and it seems much lighter than the average saddle. I don't know what the official name is.

It's well-used; perfect for a young horse in training.
It will be interesting to see if any of these saddles fit in the future, as Avalon develops muscle along her topline.


  1. oh man, she's definitely gonna change a ton as she grows up - i bet even by next spring after that fresh grass comes up she'll be a whole new horse. so it definitely makes sense to find a "Mr Right Now" saddle haha.

    it also looks like both wintecs have interchangeable gullet plates (just pull that bottom lip of the pommel down to check, it's all velcro in there). if that's the case, esp the dressage saddle may continue to be serviceable with adjustments if she keeps growing. the plate can be hard to see if it's the black medium plate, but it's relatively easy to take a look (plus there are plenty of youtube videos if you're nervous about taking the saddles apart!)

    1. actually - if you're curious, there are some pics of my saddle last time i changed the plates here:

  2. How fortunate to have so many saddle options to work with! And I second Emma's rec for interchangeable gullets! I changed my wintec out twice for Grif as he was growing. And now he's in a Tekna with an even simpler gullet changing system. Adjustable saddles are the best when you've got a horse that's growing and changing. =)

  3. Thankfully, both wintecs do have interchangable gullets and I have a few of them in storage. That should be very helpful as a temporary fix!