Sunday, August 30, 2020

Oregon is Stealing My Heart

Hiking at Todd Lake

View of the mountains at sunset from my apartment

Day trip with the interns to Steelhead Falls

View from the top of Cline Butte

Camping in the mountains with the interns

Duckie (also from camping)

The herd grazing as a storm approaches

The Pacific Ocean

A rare and elusive storm

Sunset with Dakoda, one of my host family's horses.

Sunset driving home from young adult group at a local church

The greenhouse: my favorite place.

Hiking to Blue Pool

Blue Pool

Sahalie Falls

Sunset at a small local rodeo

It isn't all work and no play in Oregon, or vice versa. I love working on the ranch. It rarely feels like work. However, when I came out to the Pacific Northwest to serve, I had no clue what an adventurous place it was! This might be my favorite state now . . . 

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